2 Timothy 2:1 Be Strengthened

You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Jesus Christ.  2 Timothy 2:1

At this time in my life I’m easily distracted.  I am like the faithful dog who desperately wants to please his master.  The master comes out with the ball to play a game of fetch, the dog is glad to play; but in the process of retrieving the ball, the dog sees a bunny invading his territory and leaves the ball to chase the bunny.  The chase leads into the woods which causes the pheasant to flush so the dog now turns his attention to the pheasant as the bunny escapes.  As the dog watches the pheasant fly away, he hears the master calling him back to the game of fetch and he returns.

As I said, I am easily distracted from following the mission set before me by my master, the Heavenly Father.  It is easy for me to give my attention to matters that are more shiny or that I perceive as more rewarding, like watching a TV program or  playing a video game.  These are distractions,the devil has set up to keep us from completing God’s mission for us:  To witness to others of the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus.

I am grateful that the Master continues to call me back, to bring me home that I may fulfill His mission to help as many as I can receive His saving mercy and deliverance from sin.

Please pray with me:  Heavenly Father, Thank you for granting us the strength and persistence to faithfully serve You in helping others find their salvation in Jesus.  In Jesus name we ask.   Amen.


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