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One Hour

Thursday 25 October 2018

So today I have an hour and always remember that these notes and thoughts to myself are not necessary to the finished product. And are simply notes to myself to get the work done.


I have been doing this YouVerse daily bible verse thing most days, I want to say everyday and then I remembered that I skipped yesterday.

I skipped because I was slow getting moving yesterday and believed I didn’t have the time. You know what? I would have had the time.
 I had time to fix the broken hose on the auger.
 I had time to let the truck warm up
 I had time to walk to the bins to get load the corn.
 I had time to open the pellet sacks and help feed the calves.
 I had time to eat breakfast lunch and supper
 I had time. . .

What was more important? Sharing God’s Word with someone, who perhaps at that moment in time needed to see it or hear it. What in this world is more important than taking a few minutes to share God’s Words of grace, mercy, peace and prosperity?

 Is eating? I am very grateful for all the delicious food God blesses me with every day.

 Is feeding the cattle? Is hauling the grain? Is repairing the broken equipment? I am grateful for the opportunity to build great value and provide food for hundreds of other people by feeding cattle and raising and hauling grain. I believe that God’s Word is more important. And the way it is shared online over the World Wide Web may have the opportunity to feed many more.

 Is walking? Again I am very grateful to be able to walk a mile, without any great consideration. Just Go! And again who does that really benefit other than me?

I skipped the day, I missed the opportunity to feed God’s children. I ask for God’s forgiveness and I ask for my own forgiveness.

I pray this finds you today.
 Smile
 Be Hopeful
 Have Faith
 Be Confident
 Be Decisive
 Have Courage
 Love Deeply
 Be Grateful !
Until next time God be with you!

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