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Friday 9 November 2018.

So, this is dedicated to doing the work.








Get Sharpened

How can I help you become shaper?
1. I can share God’s Word
2. I can share an experience with you
3. I can share an inspiring concept
4. I can give you a “pat on the back”
5. I can encourage you to take action “push you out the door “
6. I can open a door
7. I can send you an email, letter or call
8. I can. . .

And then, just as iron sharpens iron

I am. . .
 Inspired by God’s Word
 Memories of experiences and inspirational concepts and opportunities get me to take action.
 I am grateful to pick up the keyboard or open the phone

By helping you be sharper, I am sharpened too. Thanks

God’s richest blessings to you. Thrive in all your endeavors.

Until next time. . .

 Smile
 Be Hopeful
 Have Faith
 Be Confident
 Be Decisive
 Have Courage
 Love Deeply
 Be Grateful !


P.S. The Bible texts I use for these inspirations are the daily verses provided by The Bible app. I open it on my phone first thing in the morning and pray that God will send His words through His Spirit to my mind and my hands to your heart. Thanks for letting me share. Peace

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