The Answer is Asking? How can I increase my wisdom?



Once again I am so very grateful to share my stories with you. Thanks.

When it comes to asking, seeking and acquiring knowledge and wisdom I am doubly cursed.
1. I am a man (Men don’t ask for help or directions, Duh!)
2. I am old enough to have learned it all. (Well, I am old just ask my grandkids)
Oh yeah, just to add I am this hermit, farmer. (Most days I talk to and teach cows)

So. . . Where do I turn when I really need help?

• Google has the information. How to do this? How to do that?
• God has the wisdom. Why you should do this. Or that.

My friend Cliff Ravenscraft,, tells this story regarding wisdom:

In the early days when FedEx had only one warehouse, as they were preparing to do the days shipping all the conveyor belts stopped.

Nothing was moving. FedEx was losing $100,000 an hour. And the warehouse managers were on the phone with the conveyor company.

They had exhausted all the expertise they could manage on the phone, when the conveyor company suggested a repair man, who was in the city, could come and survey the situation.
Fed Ex is losing $100,000 per hour.

The repairman arrives and looks over the scene. He then reaches into his bag; takes out a screwdriver and goes to the huge control panel. He uses the screwdriver to turn one screw ¼ turn.

The conveyors begin operating and Fed Ex stops losing $100,000 per hour.

The managers ask the repairman how much they owe him? The repairman tells them $10,000.

“But you only turned one screw ¼ turn. And we will need a detailed invoice.”

The repairman writes takes out his pencil and notepad and creates the following invoice.

Turning 1 screw ¼ turn. . . . . . .$ 1.00 Knowledge
Knowing which screw to turn..$9999.00 Wisdom

So. . .

When you need wisdom, Ask. I will be given generously.

Until next time….

Grace, mercy and peace to you and your house from God, our Father, and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit open our eyes, ears and heart to see God’s purpose for us today and everyday.

May the peace which surpasses all understanding keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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